Talk of the Town - Native soul February 19 2003

Ever notice how proud some people are to say they're too busy to read? Trenee Seward did, and it became one of her pet peeves.

"If you have time to sit in front of the TV, you have time to sit in front of a book," says Seward, 24, founder and coordinator of the SoulFULL Readers Book Group.

While studying English in college, Seward noticed that few books included in the curriculum were written by African-Americans. Convinced that she was missing out, Seward immersed herself in African-American literature, and SoulFULL Readers was born.

Through interactive discussions over dinner, African-American book lovers have an opportunity to discuss the cultural relativity and express their thoughts about each novel. Members share opinions on everything from cover art to memorable character moments. Seward works hard to make sure that each meeting is unique by using a different host restaurant each month.

The most important part? Read the book.

Every third Sunday. For more information, contact Trenee Seward at soulfullreaders@yahoo.com. For book titles and meeting locations, as well as a message board where writers can share poetry and short stories, visit www.soulfullreaders.com.