Karma Cleanser - Will his blogging bite him in the ass?

Dear Karma Cleanser:

I can’t believe this shit is happening to me. I was drunk — really, really drunk — at my friend Ben’s apartment, and threw up (again) in his bathtub. This keeps happening. When I came out of the bathroom, Ben’s friends were all laughing really hard and pointing at me, and one of them said, “This is so going in Ben’s blog.”

I’ve only known Ben for like three weeks, but he’s like my new best friend this semester, and he’s never mentioned that he has a blog. So I did some digging. The asshole has been blogging about me since we first met. Apparently, I’m known as “The Cocktail Queen” on his blog. Lovely.

I’ve since stopped talking to Ben, because I feel really violated by him writing about me without my permission. I want to know: Will bad karma come back to bite this guy on his ass for publishing rude things about his supposed “friends”?

-- Not a Lush (Just Fun)

The Karma Cleanser is shocked: So far as we can tell, yours is our first letter with a blog-related quandary. Crazy. Anyway, you’re right to be angry that your “friend” spilled personal details about your life online, though at least he had the decency not to use your real name. Then again, maybe the bathroom incident and resultant public humiliation is actually the universe’s way of hinting you have a problem. Forgive Ben his blogging sins and remind yourself that puking isn’t pretty.