Karma Cleanser - Will it come back to bite you? - August 24, 2005

Dear Karma Cleanser:

My friends own a rental property on the beach, which is about a three-hour drive from where I live. I go down and stay with them (for free) a few times each summer.

It was a sweet deal until I opened my big mouth and fudged it up. As usual, it was a case of me thinking with my little head instead of my big one that got me into trouble.

A sexy female friend begged me to ask the house owners if she and her sister could crash there one weekend. She swore that they would not do anything to get me into trouble with my friends. I asked and the owners agreed to let the two girls stay there, though they wanted $200 for a three-night stay.

The girls accepted and went there July 4 weekend. And then they trashed the place. They literally broke the toilet and also left trash all over the house.

I'm not friends with the girl anymore, and the homeowners are not returning my phone calls. I don't see what I did wrong, other than trying to help someone out.

What next?

-- Sand Trap

Your prurient designs on Senorita Home Wrecker disrupted your judgment, and now your vacation karma's paying the price.

At the same time, the property's owners were wise to charge for the weekend — though $200 is a steal for a holiday getaway — so their main beef shouldn't be with you, but with their trashy tenants.

Give it some time and pray for an invitation next summer.

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