News - Is it wise to permit U.S. sales of RU-486 (the abortion pill”)?”


Pat Buchanan and I don’t agree on much, but I have to agree with him when he says that RU-486 is a “pesticide for children.” While I don’t espouse the Reform Party presidential candidate’s intense and often vicious demagoguery, his candor certainly underscores the essence of RU-486.
As a Libertarian, I believe that the government should not interfere with a woman’s right to choose how she chooses to treat her unborn child’s body. That being said, I still have a problem with the knowledge that, in these United States in the year 2000, an unborn sea turtle enjoys greater protection under the law than an unborn human being.
So spare me the political doublespeak about fetal tissue and terminated pregnancies. Human fetuses don’t become chickens. Spare me the celebration over some French scientist’s ability to create a better mousetrap. The fetuses that are destroyed by RU-486 don’t become bowling balls and they don’t become hamsters.
If a woman (or a man) chooses to ignore this fact, so be it. But an individual’s belief that a woman’s right to choose supercedes an unborn child’s right to live does not change the permanent nature of such a choice.
The “concept” of abortion is no different than the “concepts” of genocide, homicide or suicide. For the most part, abortion is a cowardly and shortsighted rejection of nature’s most precious gift. I don’t base this observation on Papal edict, the misguided theological musings of Pat Robertson or the political bartering of George W. Bush. I base it on the edicts of the Big Bang and the musings of the evolutionary process.
Last year America marveled at a photograph of an unborn child’s hand juxtaposed with the gloved hand of the surgeon performing pre-natal open heart surgery on that child’s fragile body. The procedure, which was documented in that photograph, was held as a medical miracle. Yet in another hospital in another state, that same fragile hand could have just as easily been unnaturally ripped from its mother’s womb to be disposed of as little more than medical waste.
I find it repugnant that we live in a nation where infertile couples spend millions of dollars for the opportunity to create life, yet unwanted lives are snuffed out and disposed of in dumpsters. The idea that women can now rid themselves of unwanted pregnancies in the privacy of their own homes is at best chilling, and at worst dehumanizing.
So if women want to kill their unborn children, fine. The government says it’s OK. Just spare me the Patrick Henry speeches and all this arrogant talk about another victory in the battle for women’s reproductive freedom.

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