Last Week November 04 2000

October 24
SHUT UP, YOU PLAYED THE SERIES: Former Brave and current New York Yankees outfielder Dave Justice says if he’d had a personal scandal while he was with the Braves like Chipper Jones did, they wouldn’t have given him a $90 million contract. ... PENAL REFORM: U.S. District Judge Marvin Shoob tours the Fulton County Jail and signals his approval for changes he mandated more than a year ago.
October 25
GOTCHA!: Fugitive Daniel Tyner, 21, wanted for severely beating a woman at Cobb Galleria on Oct. 4, is found sleeping in his father’s car in Oklahoma. ... ANGER MANAGEMENT: Justin Newsome, 19, the Rockdale Countian who pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in connection with the choking death of a 16-year-old last year, is sentenced to three years in prison. ... PRIORITIES: The University of Georgia campus is abandoned after students are given the day off to prepare for the Dawgs game against the University of Florida.
October 26
LOUD AND CLEAR: Atlanta City Councilwoman Clair Muller says she’s puzzled about why musicians playing at Chastain Park can keep their sound levels below 85 decibels if the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra gets them the gig, but they can’t if Concert Southern Promotions is in charge. ... GETTING BETTER ALL THE TIME: A family spokesperson announces that civil rights warrior Hosea Williams, admitted to Piedmont Hospital on Monday, is improving as he battles kidney cancer. ... SCHOOL’S A BLAST: Two Grady High School students are arrested and charged with making three bottle bombs.
October 27
BRIDGING THE GAP: The Ansley Park Civic Association reaches an agreement with the Department of Transportation and the developer of the mixed-use project on the old Atlantic Steel site allowing the controversial 17th Street bridge to be built over I-75/85. ... DON’T LET A LITTLE RAIN FOOL YOU: The Environmental Protection Division reminds the public that we’re still having a drought and watering bans will stay in place. ... SUFFERIN’ SUCCOTASH: The American Civil Liberties Union, representing the parents of an 11-year-old girl who was suspended for carrying a Tweety Bird wallet, files suit against Cobb County schools for withholding info about its zero-tolerance weapons policy.
October 28
MONSTROUS: Six Flags over Georgia locks out hundreds of angry would-be Fright Fest attendees when officials determine that the park has reached capacity. ... WE COULDN’T GET IN AT FRIGHT FEST: No fewer than 18,000 males of all ages jam to the Christian beat at the Promise Keepers convention at Philips Arena. ... SCARY THOUGHT: Druid Hills residents and business owners consider the possibility of a traffic circle at Emory Village .
October 29
HE LEFT HIS MARK: Scott Hudgens, the mega-developer who brought us Gwinnett Place Mall, dies at age 77. ... DON’T D&D: Friends and family of three Cobb County teenagers who were killed by a drunk driver in July hold a candlelight vigil in an effort to deter drivers from drinking. ... BUTTON, BUTTON, BOB’S GOT THE (HOT) BUTTON: During a Georgia Public Television debate, Rep. Bob Barr defends his 7th District seat from Democrat challenger Roger Kahn by reminding voters that Kahn’s not opposed to gay couples adopting children.
October 30
DARK PARK: Gwinnett County officers comb Pinkneyville Park Soccer Complex hoping to gathering clues in the murder of one 18-year-old girl and the near-fatal shooting of another. ... RAILROADED: A Cobb County jury decides in favor of Norfolk Southern’s proposed truck-to-train transfer yard; although they agree with opponents that the facility will be a nuisance, they consider it a necessary evil.

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