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?“Nightshift” is spellbinding
I think the new site ... is well needed. I do like it. I was one of the promoters of the “Spellbound” party [held the Saturday before Halloween - ed.]. No, I’m not a promoter, I’m a facilitator of “latenite alternatives.
Even though “Spellbound” wasn’t a numeric orgasm in regards to turnout, I have been receiving numerous e-mails about what a great time everyone had, and, bottom line, that is what really matters to me. Truthfully, it’s not about the money — it’s about the vibe and the music, and “Spellbound” harbored both.
This was my third independent juncture outside of the club realm. I had my hand in just about every after hours at yin yang and I learned from the best of them in regards to technique.
My objective is to still cater to the true school as the clubs become discriminatory in their clientele.
I wish more independents would take matters would take matters into their own hands in regards to throwing “event/parties/latenites.” When this happens it will up the stakes a bit — make shit seem more real. It will also let “big brother club” know that the clubs don’t run shit ... the clubbers do!
The objective is to keep the vibe alive via real people and good music, and not having to go to sleep till the sun comes up, or not going to sleep at all.
Steve Deniro
The No Sleep People
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