News - Has the Clinton administration been a success?""

Yes. Bill Clinton departs office as a man who held a firm hand on the reins of the nation

Americans are going to miss the presidency of William Jefferson Clinton. The excitement and achievements of the Clinton administration are going to be hard to match, whoever becomes the next president. For all his detractors, Bill Clinton departs office in January as a man who held a firm and steady hand on the reins of the nation.
The strongest work force, the longest sustained robust economy and the highest stock market in history. The most diverse administration in history, with a cabinet reflecting the shared power of women and people of color. For Latinos and African-Americans the lowest unemployment rate in history. Needless to say, most Americans are better off for eight years of Clintonism.
Although a right-wing Republican Congress attempted to place roadblocks at every turn, including a protracted impeachment effort, in the end the record will reflect an activist president who undertook difficult tasks — and succeeded.
Paying down the deficit and reaching a balanced budget were promises made and kept. Indeed, the number of federal employees are the lowest they've been in decades, resulting in a downsized government that's much more consumer-friendly. He used government to do what it does best, aiding in the wake of Mother Nature's disasters, cleaning up the environment and enhancing opportunities for the left out and left behind segments of our population. Clinton really did try to level the playing field for all Americans.
Clinton was a real leader, a charismatic orator who knew how to comfort the nation when necessary and set the right tone to calm jittery nerves. Given the rancor and sustained assaults by Republicans, it's truly amazing he was able to accomplish anything.
But he did, because the people were with him. His policies and initiatives were on target. He understood his role better than his foes, and deftly used his extraordinary golden political touch to stay focused on a progressive agenda.
We may all remember the line "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow" from Fleetwood Mac's "Yesterday's Gone" — the campaign anthem for the Clinton presidency. Now, yesterday is almost gone as Bill exits the White House. In the end, I predict, history will view his eight years in power as an era of unparalleled prosperity, a time when minorities and women found a new role in shaping decisions, and a first lady who went on to win a history-making election to the U.S. Senate. Yes, there will undoubtedly be a line or two about impeachment, but it will be remembered as a mark against those who sought to topple Clinton's ideas by attacking his personal life.
Bill Clinton stands tall. We will truly miss him as commander in chief.

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