News - CBS 46 cameraman Edward Stephens

For pimpin' it in his work wagon

Let's face it: It's one thing to discretely head down to "the track," that well-known stretch of drug and prostitution trades on Metropolitan Avenue, in an unmarked vehicle, and quite another to ride down there in your boss's car — especially when your boss is a major media outlet whose name is emblazoned all over said vehicle.

According to an Atlanta police report, Stephens, a cameraman for CBS 46, got busted just before 5 a.m. on July 20 for allegedly trying to get a little something-something from a "well-known" prostitute. An officer watched the thin 19-year-old with the "Daddy's Little Girl" tattoo on her back step into the CBS 46 van that Stephens was driving, according to the report.

"The vehicle sped off recklessly on a residential street in a CBS 46 news truck," the report states. It goes on to allege that Stephens, 36, offered the teenager $40 for "'head,' or oral sex." Some people call it a blowjob, others a bob knob. Still others refer to the act as the Bill and Monica.

Anyway, the CBS cameraman didn't have time to drop his pants and show the young woman some hard news before police arrested both of them. Stephens was charged with reckless driving and solicitation for an illicit sexual act, both misdemeanors, and has been released on bail.

Reached by phone, Stephens said the whole thing is a misunderstanding and he refused to comment further before his Aug. 10 court date. "I don't want to say anything that may jeopardize me," he said.

He would not say whether he was still employed at the news station.

The police report says the CBS 46 van was released to the station manager. The manager, Sue Schwartz, didn't return CL's calls.

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