Redeye February 12 2004

Cock Rock: On Sat., Feb. 7, Eleven50 prepped a full-stage production for a Kid Rock performance to follow his concert at the Gwinnett Arena. Only thing missing was the "American Badass" himself. To many who had boot scootin' boogied down, however, he probably seemed more of a jackass than a badass — the Rock did not roll in. There were rumors of a look-alike, though.

And along with could-have-beens and would-have-beens were wannabes, from black stretch-pant Betties to acid-washed Betty Sues. The crowd was dotted with leather vests, handlebar moustaches and all varieties of the red, white and blue. It was less white trash chic than trailer park.

In the gallery, DJs Kevin O and J-Luv supplied Eleven50's standard Saturday progressive pump. In the main room, Athens' Boo Ray played some post-Prince/Hendrix funk-rock and blue-eyed soul. The post-blues rock was followed by the post-bluegrass/traditional country of South Georgia Kid Rock collaborator Bart Adam Young.

Sundaze: They say there's no rest for the wicked, even on the Lord's Day.

Every Sunday, The Five Spot in L5P hosts Reggae Sundaze. From around 7ish, the six-person Eastern Standard lay down steady rockin' riddim. Pair a Red Stripe with some smoky Sweetwater 420 vegetarian chili and begin to feel sunbaked from the inside. Once the music started, it wasn't much of an environment for conversation, but those attending were indeed groovin' on Eastern Standard time.

Similar in spirit if not specifics is the Sunday Sunset Session in the loft at Bridgetown Grill on Peachtree Street. Each week from 8 p.m., Ulises and guest(s) approximate a Florida beach club in the off- season. Populated by relaxed locals, the session offers kinetic beats bouncing from Latin house to New Order, breakbeat to tribal bangers. You can even order a frozen Mango-rita. The only thing missing is Jimmy Buffett. Not that we missed him.

Editor's Note: Citing economic impact from the city's new bar-closing times, The Chamber will close its doors for the last time on the morning of Sunday, Feb. 22.

The club, currently known for serving the goth and bondage set, has hosted shock rockers GWAR, DJ Sasha, and burlesque diva Dita Von Teese in the past. The venue's Secretroom.net weekly erotica party will move to the Masquerade's Hell level beginning Sat., Feb. 28.

The Chamber's owners are reportedly planning to install a goth nightclub in Underground Atlanta, but no one could be reached for comment by press time.

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