Redeye May 13 2004

Bombasement: On Thurs., May 6, MJQ smelled of incense and cloves as Radio Om brought New York Asian Massive percussionist/producer Karsh Kale__ to steer the congregated from Bengal bhajan to big beat boutique. Humid as Bombay nights, MJQ rang with a steady build of breakbeats and the holiest of chants. The crowd was smaller than perhaps would be preferred, but those in attendance were enthusiastic. Radio Om hosts an event monthly, so keep eyes peeled for another chance to make those chakras sweat.

House call from Dr. Feelgood?: Apparently, all the Asians who were not at Karsh Kale were at Vision Sat., May 8, to see DJ Skribble and ex-Motley CrÜe drummer Tommy Lee. As were a shitload of meathead crackers and a sprinkling of confused ballers. There wasn't much different about Skribble's music — i.e., Lil Jon racked up on royalties — yet for all its local flava, it didn't seem to be the evening's main draw. Apparently, the alluring legend of Tommy Lee's gearshift (you know, his kickstand) brought in the droves and got the Barbies bobbing atop the banquettes.

At least I hope it was Lee's famed appendage, because if it was the horrific big beat trance Lee had streaming from a laptop, or his tepid two-minute drum sessions, this city is in sadder shape than I thought. Shake it like a saltshaker, or more like one of those big ass foot-long Italian restaurant pepper grinders, indeed Mr. Lee.

Always ... Coca-Cola: I was roped into going to the World of Coca-Cola for (Grand)Mother's Day. I packed a flask of Maker's Mark so I could combine the sentiment of the day with happy hour. But damned if the Coca-Cola boys in their watchful red-and-white were everywhere, in case all that sugar and caffeine caused incident. So I had to abort.

What I can tell those who have not been to celebrate Atlanta's civic pride recently is that in the grand scheme of drinks, our puritanical predilections have actually erred on the side of good this time. Apparently, countries all over the world enjoy their beverages either sickly sweet or sickly sour. Watermelon, apricot, lychee, ginger — these are the flavors our taste buds are just not trained to handle. I wanted to swish with the Maker's Mark just to get the proper pH balance back in my mouth.

And, of course, there is the infamous Italian "Beverly," a bitter aperitif. It's like being 16, sneaking into your grandpa's liquor cabinet and unwisely sneaking off with the Campari, except you get all the bitter puckers and none of the sweet, sweet buzz. I'll stick with original formula, as American as bourbon.

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