Redeye - Older and cockier October 07 2004

It was a week of notable birthday celebrations, so I'd like to take this chance to give a shout-out to some of the city's key Libras. You may or may not know that Libra is the astrological sign of balance, a playful sign, but most of all, the personification of the time of harvest. So now that I've gotten the hippie shit out of the way, let's run down some of those rightfully celebrating another passing year.

On Tues., Sept. 28, at MJQ's Drunken Unicorn, Dustan Nigro, bass player for hard-workin' and equally rockin' local quartet the Close, celebrated in the most appropriate way possible: in his birthday suit. Always cocksure and never cockshy, "Big D," as they call him, did what he is apt to do: downed whiskey shots, dribbled PBR, doffed his duds and manhandled his boomstick. I love him, because he makes my job so easy. Example: "Did you hear about the Close putting out a new release?" "Yeah, everyone who knows Dustan says it's gonna be at least a 7-inch. The new single, too." Thank you, thank you. I have a notebook full of those.

The musical release part is true, as well. The Close will kick out more angular indie jangle to celebrate a split single with N.C.'s the Rosebuds at the Earl on Fri., Oct. 22. Top requests to be shouted should include, "That Darkroom Song," "Something about John Henry" and "Wrangle the Dangle."

Moving right along. The week's second birthday honors are awarded to local DJ Keiran, who hit the 3-0 mark I'm uneasily nearing. Keiran celebrated Sat., Oct. 2, at the CL award-winning venue Django, where he holds a residency. I, unfortunately, was not able to attend his celebration, but send warm wishes, as Keiran is one of the capital K's — along with Kai (also a Libra) and Kevin O — who has been helping guide the many permutations of subterranean groove in Atlanta over these many years. We'll throw in a mention of J-Luv here, as well, because he's also a Libra — apparently the sign of balance and beat matching.

Finally, this week we have the birthday celebration of a place, Ria's Bluebird Cafe, which turned 4 on Sun., Oct. 3. I know this column is supposed to be about nightlife and drinkin', but Ria's is symbiotically linked with my going-out experiences in Atlanta. When I lived in Grant Park, I can't tell you how many weekends I dragged my ass over to get a "Bionic Breakfast" and some coffee. And you know midday meals like that are a major part of night clubbin'. Plus, Ria's beach party included a band, a turn on the wheels of steel, and the Mai Tai makin' services of bartender Joel of Trader Vic's, another CL award-winner (I'm stalking as many as possible). And Dustan was there, wearing pants — though playing badminton, thus forcefully brandishing his shuttlecock. How appropriate.

Anyway, next week we'll continue the re/birth celebration theme, because I guess it's time I hit more than the traffic and go in the new Club 112, holdin' it down where the Riviera used to be, and I'm going to return to Aiko, the new mini-Vision-meets-MF Sushi wannabe in Buckhead.

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