Add It Up - Power plays

Thrashers, by the numbers

Cost of most expensive ticket to attend an Atlanta Thrashers game at Philips Arena: $225

Cost of least expensive ticket: $10

Number of tickets sold so far this season, the second highest in Thrashers history: 585,321

Amount Steve Belkin paid two years ago for a 30 percent stake of Atlanta Spirit, the company that owns the Thrashers, Atlanta Hawks and Philips Arena: $11.7 million

Minimum appraised worth of Belkin's stake now: $88 million

Amount Belkin contends in a lawsuit that he should pay to buy out his four primary partners: $31 million

Minutes of oral arguments that a Maryland judge heard before postponing the trial on the lawsuit, and declaring he was too busy to hear the rest of the civil case: 30

Number of times the Thrashers have made it to the NHL playoffs: 0

If Tampa Bay Lightning loses one of its next two games, the number of back-to-back games the Thrashers need to win to make the playoffs this year: 3

Odds that the Atlanta Thrashers will win the Stanley Cup on the ice in Georgia: 750-to-1

Odds that one of the Atlanta Thrashers will freeze to death on the ice in Georgia: 685-to-1

Sources: Atlanta Thrashers, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Las Vegas Sports Betting Book, National Safety Council.