Add It Up - School squeeze

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Number of new students Fulton County Schools expected for the 2005-2006 school year: 3,000

Number of students they received: 5,000

New students expected next year: 6,000

Estimated percent increase in the number of Fulton County students this year over last year: 7

Number of trailers used to house 24 classrooms at Sandy Springs' High Point Elementary, due to unexpected enrollment: 12

Estimated cost of one of those "portable classrooms": $51,000

Amount by which the state has cut student funding in Fulton over the past five years: $57 million

Standard high school capacity in Gwinnett County: 3,000 students

Number of metro counties that have high schools with a higher standard capacity: 0

Amount reportedly paid for 1,000 acres on which Gwinnett County plans to build 24 new schools: $117.4 million

Number of trailers currently in use by Gwinnett County Public Schools: 1,270

Number of classes held in those trailers: 1,394

Sources: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Gwinnett County Public Schools