Add It Up - Soccer fever

World Cup scoreboard

Cost of the Atlanta Silverbacks' new RE/MAX Greater Atlanta Stadium: $15 million

Number of seats in the new stadium: 3,000

Number of seats at Olympic Stadium in Berlin: 72,000

Number of people who watched the U.S. vs. Italy game at the Brewhouse Cafe in Little Five Points on June 17: 400

Cost of the cheapest ticket to a Silverbacks match: $12.50

Cost of the cheapest ticket to the U.S. World Cup team's first-round match against Italy: $44

Amount Anheuser-Busch paid to be the "Official beer of the World Cup": $40 million

Number of Anheuser-Busch products on the menu at the Brewhouse: 0

Cost of a 24-ounce can of Miller Light at the Brewhouse: $4

Number of extra cases of Miller Light the Brewhouse ordered last week for the World Cup: 100

Number of trucks the Brewhouse rented to help store all the extra beer: 1

Number of players ejected from the U.S. vs. Italy game: 3

Number of fans tossed out of the Brewhouse last week: 0

Sources: Atlanta Silverbacks, FIFAworldcup.yahoo.com, Brewhouse Cafe