Add It Up - Tax Break

Stats on eradicating income taxes

Percentage of a person's income that should be taxed, according to talk-radio host Neal Boortz's and U.S. Rep. John Linder's Fair Tax Book: 0

Number of weeks that the Fair Tax Book spent on top of the New York Times Best Sellers List: 2

The percentage proposed in the Fair Tax Book for a nationwide sales tax that would offset the government's loss of income-tax revenue: 23

Number of times Rep. Linder introduced a "fair tax" bill in the U.S. Congress: 4

Number of U.S. representatives who co-sponsored the Fair Tax Act of 2005: 53

Number of times the bill made it out of committee and to the House floor for a vote: 0

Number of people who attended a May 24 fair tax rally at the Gwinnett Civic Center: 4,500

Cost of an "eliminate the IRS" T-shirt sold at the rally: $5

Number of hours before the rally started that the first person got in line: 5

Approximate number of people who attended a recent meet-and-greet for candidates running for state and DeKalb County offices: 20

Sources: Gwinnett Civic Center box office, The Fair Tax Book, New York Times, Rep. John Linder's office