Word - What about SpongeBob?

I believe that America's diversity is its strength. I also recognize that ignorance, insensitivity and bigotry can turn that diversity into a source of prejudice. ... I pledge to have respect for people whose abilities, beliefs, culture, race, sexual identity ... are different from my own.?
- From a We Are a Family Foundation video starring Winnie the Pooh, Barney and SpongeBob SquarePants, distributed to 61,000 schools in an attempt to encourage kids to sign a "tolerance pledge."

"It is yet one more example of what former U.S. Sen. Zell Miller referred to as 'un-Holywood' [sic.] coming into our schools and living rooms to teach our children values that are often in conflict with those of the parents. ... It is wrong ... to high-jack children's characters to promote a sexual agenda."?
- Sadie Fields, of the Christian Coalition of Georgia, in a press release titled: "Parents beware! A 'Gay' tolerant SpongeBob may be coming to your schools."

"'F' is for friends who do stuff together. 'U' is for you and me. 'N' is for anytime or anywhere at all, down here in the deep blue sea."?
- Restaurant employee SpongeBob SquarePants, singing to cheer up Plankton, the evil owner of a rival restaurant.