Word March 23 2005

Everything is just fine

Harold Brown is a retired UGA professor of soil sciences and author of "The Greening of Georgia: The Improvement of the Environment in the Twentieth Century." He's also a firm believer that talk of air pollution and global warming is a bunch of baloney.

"Let's treat mercury fairly. ... Don't use it to beat power companies. ... If coal were a major source of mercury contamination, we would be grossly contaminated by now." - Brown in a March 15 AJC guest column
"One newspaper noted the thrasher is returning from winter migration 21 days earlier than it did 20 years ago [signaling global warming]. Bullfeathers! Humans have very sensitive instruments for measuring temperature and still are uncertain of global warming; how does our state bird know?"- Brown in a September 2004
Georgia Public Policy Foundation paper"Agencies devise strict regulations to reduce air pollutants and protect public health. Let's spend public funds on problems where the benefits to health and life are easily counted and ... not so contradictory."- Brown in a May 2004 Georgia Public Policy Foundation paper