Word - Gentleman Caller

Last week, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that a state law that made obscene phone calls illegal was unconstitutional.

The court's decision concerned the case of Anthony McKenzie, who in 2003 was 17 and serving time at Forsyth County Jail for a probation violation on a previous statutory rape conviction. From tapes of phone conversations he made from the jail to a 14-year-old girl he'd met in a chat room, McKenzie was convicted of making obscene phone calls and given two years probation and ordered to keep away from the girl. Thanks to the court decision, the convictions on the phone calls were thrown out.

Evidence in the case included a CD of the taped phone calls. We listened to the conversations and have excerpted some highlights of McKenzie's comments. Quite the gentleman, McKenzie repeatedly told the teen that he loved her before getting down to business.

"I'm so lucky to have a girl that beautiful."- On a picture she sent him.

"Sex is not the reason I am with you, I love you, I don't need sex."- On waiting for her to be ready to have sex.

"He is looking for someone to go to Six Flags with."- On setting up the girl's friend with McKenzie's brother.

"I want to stick my tongue down your throat.

""I do the rumpty-grump on [your] bed and [your] daddy's bed and leave a stain."

"Give me head, lick my balls and all."