Word - DJ battles Majestic

On Dec. 31, local DJ and promoter Preston Craig, who is confined to a wheelchair, wrote on his blog, KissAtlanta.com, that the management of the Majestic asked him to leave the restaurant earlier that morning because he entered through the wrong door. During a visit there three years ago, Craig called the police after one of the owners told him he was not allowed to enter through that same door. The co-owner says Craig was banned from the Majestic at that time.</
"The aisle that leads past the long counter is too narrow to accommodate a wheelchair. Like most old places ... I understand the limitations and try to find a way to work around it. ... A waitress was outside smoking and we asked if she could open the side door. She did. ... [W]e sat down and ordered and everything was wonderful. Until, the old greek man came out from kitchen. Without warning he begins yelling at me. 'Who opened the door?!'"
-- From a blog entry posted by Craig on KissAtlanta.com?</
"Preston bypassed the front door — which has a ramp and is easy to open — so that he could enter through a door which has no ramp, no outside handle, a sign that says, 'Stop! Emergency Exit Only,' and a tall step. Even though he knew the door was off-limits and that he was banned from my establishment, Mr. Craig came by anyway."
-- From an e-mail sent to CL by Tasso Costarides, co-owner of the Majestic