Word - Satanic banter

Joining the superstitious hype

June 6 was a foreboding day. Those digits — 6/6/06, or "666" — are cited in the Book of Revelation as the mark of the beast and conjure up associations to the devil. On that day last week, when Hollywood released the remake of horror film The Omen and pregnant women begged doctors to postpone their labors to avoid an ominous birth date, several people — whether they meant to or not — joined the superstitious hype.

"We have a crowd of religious zealots in Washington and in the state of Georgia who say they know the Lord but do everything to contradict that knowledge of the Lord. ... They speak with a forked tongue."

-- Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Steen Miles, at a June 6 forum in Midtown

"There's lots of blood effects, lots of fake satanic ritual, B-movie stuff."

-- Rob Thompson, quoted in the AJC on his play 666: A Tribute to the Devil and Heavy Metal (a rendition of Iron Maiden's The Number of the Beast LP), which opened June 6 at 7 Stages Theatre

"It's my little tribute to liberals, to have it come out on 6-6-6."

-- Conservative pundit Ann Coulter, speaking to Fox News on June 6, about the release date of her latest book, Godless: The Church of Liberalism