Found Object - Adventures in meet-ups

The following posts were lifted from www.meetup.com, which hosts message boards for thousands of special-interest clubs, from John Kerry supporters to Dungeons and Dragons players. These four statements were posted by meet-up members in the Atlanta area.

"I firmly believe Sean had a PROFOUND affect on the voting of this election. Yes, the election that graced our country with President Bush for four more years. I would not mind organizing this group, however, there seems to be little attendance or interest." - FROM THE ATLANTA SEAN HANNITY FAN CLUB.

"Hi - I'm in L'ville [Loganville] - am engaged to a soldier (now in Iraq) [and] have been looking for a way to protest Bush's mishandling/abuses re. economy & our armed forces." - FROM THE ATLANTA IMPEACH BUSH GROUP

"Hello, I just got back from Iraq and I live in LaGrange, I want to live a little bit before I get turned around and sent back. Hope to meet you all soon."- FROM THE ATLANTA POLYAMORISTS GROUP, FOR "INDIVIDUALS WHO SUPPORT MULTI-PARTNER RELATIONSHIPS AND FAMILIES"

"I'm halfway along on this journey and I can't seem to find the path."- FROM THE ATLANTA BUDDHISM GROUP