Found Object - Brand Atlanta

City officials have been huddling for months to come up with a new slogan for Atlanta — one that we can only hope will be as catchy as “What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas.” As it turns out, though, the idea of branding our city is nothing new. In 1911, a group called the Ad Men’s Club put out a call in local papers seeking ideas for a slogan. The winner got $10. Here are some of the actual nominees, as printed in the July 13, 1911, edition of The Atlanta Georgian. See if you can guess the winner.

Atlanta is always there with the goods

Atlanta, the city of hustlers

Atlanta attracts and augments admiration

Atlanta’s ability as an advertiser actually appalls

If it’s Atlanta, it’s OK

Atlanta always ahead

In Atlanta, a taste is better than an hour’s talk

Atlanta is the best brains and money can produce

Atlanta above average

Atlanta always acquiring additional acreage

Atlanta automatically active

Nobody’s business is everybody’s business in Atlanta

Got it or going after it

What is life without Atlanta?

The chosen one: “Atlanta Always Ahead,” submitted by Edgar Watkins, a “prominent Atlanta attorney.”