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On its website, www.osha.gov, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration maintains a database of all on-the-job accidents that caused injury or death. The following are excerpts of fatal accidents in the Atlanta area over the past 10 years:

Dies after arm amputated in baler

Killed when pinned by load of pipes Injured when pinned by floor scrubber, later dies

Killed when crushed against compactor Crushed by robot arm during machine cycle

Killed when struck by dead tree

Killed when tire explodes

Killed by exploding propane tank

Killed in fall through skylight

Decapitated when struck by falling poultry cage

Killed in fall into acid tank

Killed when impaled in forklift collision

Killed when struck by 4,000-pound cable reel

Killed in fall in elevator shaft Killed in fall into high speed headsaw

Asphyxiated by fly ash when pinned under water