Found Object January 06 2005

Fashion police

The city of Atlanta, in an effort to “maintain a professional atmosphere ?and project a positive image,” prohibits its employees from wearing certain ?clothes that the general public may find offensive. The city came up with its ?list of unacceptable attire “based on research conducted in other organizations,” ?according to Administrative Order No. 4, better known as the city’s dress ?code policy. According to the dress code, repeat offenders will be subjected to ?the city’s disciplinary process for donning such threads as:

• Any item that is patched, torn, tattered or has holes
?• Tight-fitting clothing, including garments made with
?stretchy, see-through or sheer material
?• Leather or simulated leather pants
?• Clothing with offensive terminology/graphics or
?lettering larger than pocket/sleeve-style logo
?• Provocative/revealing clothing, such as spaghetti
?strap dresses, plunging necklines, strapless and
?backless dresses, halters or midriff tops
?• Dresses, skirts (hemlines that are more than three
?inches above the knees) or shorts that are excessively
?short or have front or back slits that are mid-thigh
?• Bib overalls
?• Flip-flops (shower or pool shoes, etc.) or other beach-
?style sandals
?• Novelty buttons (such as “message,” photo, etc.)
?• Jeans are unacceptable for office environments