Record Review - Dan Sartain: ‘Bohemian Grove’ b/w ‘Atheist Funeral’

Dan Sartain’s latest release sheds the rock and roll troubadour fare to offer up two numbers that find the Alabama wild man wondering into darker terrain than he’s explored in the past. On the A-side, “Bohemian Grove” glows with skeletal, moonlit arrangements. Adam Renshaw (Anna Kramer & the Lost Cause) lays down drums over a minimal and motorik piano plod courtesy of Jack White (the White Stripes). There’s a devil-as-crooner quality to it all, and what really gives the song girth is White’s glassy production. On the flipside, “Atheist Funeral” is a sly, heretical anthem that feels out of time and out place in a David Lynchian way. It could have been written in the 1950s but it sounds like the here and now — and for Sartain it’s a refined and captivating change of pace. (Third Man Records) 4 stars out of 5