Record Review - The Lovell Sisters: Time to Grow

Bluegrass and acoustic music are experiencing intriguing paradigm shifts as old-guard traditionalists like Bill Monroe and Jimmy Martin pass on, and crews of youthful, energetic musicians bring their contemporary ideas into the mix. Somewhere near the top of the mountain stands Calhoun, Ga., trio the Lovell Sisters, who’ve made a significant mark on the scenes over the past few years. With Time to Grow, the Lovells solidify an already potent body of work. Individually, Jessica’s pure-toned fiddle, Megan’s twangy dobro, and Rebecca’s nimble mandolin demonstrate musical mastery. Collectively, they create an original sound that blends traditional bluegrass sensibilities with risky modern jazz-like variations. Whether it’s one of Rebecca’s award-winning tunes such as the moody yet uplifting “Distance,” or a traditional gospel number like “In My Time of Dyin’,” the Lovell Sisters’ innovative country stylings have earned them their rightful place as the genre’s new standard-bearers. (2DefPigs Records) 5 out of 5 stars