Record Review - Gold Standard: Gold Standard


There’s nothing wrong with the execution of Gold Standard’s self-titled, three-song CD. In fact, the strong focus on instrumental rock compositions wielded by the trio — composed of former Blame Game and Some Soviet Station alumni — is flawless. But does the world need another round of the math-rock complexities that dominated such a large part of ’90s indie rock? As the noodley inclinations of “Church Bell” and the noninvasive bass and drum roll of “Blues” take shape, the obtuse Slint-isms are passé to say the least. “Motor Skills…” drives with poignant vitriol, but the intense musical architecture feels either a decade and a half after the fact or too early for the pop culture wheel to imbue it with nostalgia. Either way, these songs are out of time and place. 2 out of 5 stars.