Record Review - Jason and the Scorchers: Halcyon Times

Courageous Chicken/Nashville Flash Music

It's been 14 years since the last studio album from Nashville's cowpunk pioneers Jason and the Scorchers, but the opening notes of Warner Hodges' screaming guitar make it seem like they've been playing every day since then. Once the purveyors of real alt country, the Scorchers followed many paths over the years, including the road to rock. And Halcyon Times rocks. Hard. Jason Ringenberg's energetic vocals are strong, and the live-in-the-studio feel of the album is a perfect showcase for the band's power. With a big assist from former Atlantan Dan Baird, there are a few little snatches of twang (acoustic guitars, story songs, totems) that prove you simply cannot walk away from your roots. Since Reckless Country Soul was released in 1982, Jason and Warner have grown considerably as writers, musicians and human beings; with a hot new rhythm section, the Scorchers' Halcyon Times are nigh. 4 out of 5 stars.