Record Review - Woven Bones: In and Out and Back Again


Austin, Texas, garage punks Woven Bones have enjoyed some measure of proto-success before even releasing their official debut. Such are the times in which we live and blog. But now that the record has arrived, does it validate the hype? Sort of. Like so many of their garage-revival peers, Woven Bones ride a scummy, unswerving groove through broken back alleys and piss-stained corridors; but unlike most, the Bones' bad attitude seems genuine – or at least genuinely convincing. "If It Feels Alright" is an album standout. Bassist Matty Nichols' snotty, fuzzed-bass lead guides vocalist Andrew Burr's Iggy-on-sedatives sneer through three minutes of pure rock and roll ecstasy. "Creepy Bone" tries to recapture the same magic but feels repetitive. "Half Sunk Into the Seats" finds the band doing its best Cramps impression to mixed results. In and Out is a capable record, but it's the sound of a band best seen live and loud (and drunk) to truly appreciate. 3 out of 5 stars.