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Photographer mounts solo show at Whitespace

Jody Fausett lives in a weird world. Or at least that's what you'd think based on his solo exhibit Snake Eyes at Inman Park's Whitespace gallery. A goose encased in a glowing bag. A stuffed grizzly gazing at magical sprites. The photographer's grandmother taking aim at herself in a bedroom mirror with a shotgun. And that's only the beginning. Fausett, Creative Loafing's 2007 Critics Pick for best photographer, takes on these and many other bizarre, dreamlike scenarios in his latest series of large-scale color photos. Snake Eyes continues through Oct. 11.

Photographing my mom: "My mother and I have danced around it for a while. At one point she refused and then at one point I refused. We'll see. She's hit a good spot in her life now. Kind of a phoenix recently. I think it would rock."

Art photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia: "He has been shooting in the street lately, placing strobe lights in scaffolding and inside of manholes, illuminating and isolating people as they walk by. They have strange body shapes and sometimes contorted faces. I met him years ago when I was sweeping floors in a studio in New York. Philip let me sit in on one of his classes for free. He was really nice. That counts a lot to me."

Bossip.com: "If I'm picking a star-driven website it would be this one. You would think that Foxy Brown had fallen off the face of the Earth if it was up to other sites. I don't care about Paris Hilton, but I do care about Lil Kim, so I can get what I need here. They also have a section called "Jesus Take the Wheel" for the celebrities who have just lost it."

Fast-forwarding through TV shows: "Yeah, I can't hang with commercials anymore. It's nice to be able to shave down a show and get done with it. I like to watch shows about remote towns, especially, say, Alaska. I like to look at snowy landscapes and fishing towns."

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