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Jam a Lam brings the day's most important meal to your door

Beep beep beep. The despicable sound of the alarm goes off at 7 a.m. Several snooze cycles later, you realize it's been 20 minutes since the alarm went off. Hysteria ensues. Toothbrush in one hand while the other is busy pulling your pants over your shoes, you somehow manage to make yourself look presentable in 10 minutes flat. You have just enough time for a good, hearty breakfast — a handful of cereal and an old banana — before you run out the door.

There's no magic answer to getting out of bed when the alarm goes off — that takes years of disciplined training. However, there is something to be done about the pitiful scraps of food that often pass for breakfast.

Jam a Lam founders Kandis Owens and Nicole Macey have crafted a solution to the breakfast dilemma in the form of a breakfast-sandwich delivery service. While you're busy finding clean underwear and unwrinkled shirts in the morning, the breakfast sandwich — conveniently ordered the night before — is on its way to your doorstep. The duo came up with the concept when Macey realized that "no one delivers breakfast. Everyone delivers pizza, but not breakfast."

Macey and Owens met while working at a local California Pizza Kitchen. Soon after, the duo traded in their server hats and started their own catering business, specializing in soul food. It's their latest breakfast sandwich delivery venture, however, that has Poncey-Highland residents talking. Through trial and error and feedback from friends and family, the two crafted a breakfast sammie made with a crispy hash-brown patty, egg, cheese, and strips of bacon (which can be removed for vegetarians) all inside a big buttery biscuit drizzled with honey.

Anyone who wants to give the Jam a Lam breakfast experience a try can send an email to thejamalam@yahoo.com before 10 p.m. on the eve of delivery. Include how many sandwiches and the desired delivery time (from 6-10 a.m.). A quick response will notify you of the total price ($4/sandwich with a $1.50 delivery fee) and the approximate time of delivery, usually within a 15-minute window. The next morning, Owens will be at your front door to greet you with a smile and your Jam a Lam.

Launched in early October, Jam a Lam is just dipping its toes in the Atlanta food scene. The inspiration for the name came from a mutual friend who would yell "jam a lam!" anytime her favorite song came on the radio. The phrase was soon adapted to refer to anything that was, well, simply the jam. So when it came to naming their new company, it was a no-brainer.

Though Jam a Lam is just getting started, Owens and Macey have big plans for the future. They hope to eventually own a food truck and one day achieve their ultimate goal: a brick-and-mortal breakfast joint. But both Owens and Macey insist that no matter how big Jam a Lam may become in the future, they want to be known as a local business: "We are doing it for the love of the city, love of the food. We like being local and serving the people of Atlanta."

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