Artist Fabian Williams puts the paint where it ain’t

A new kind of creative chaos mixes the paint with the bourgeoisie and the rebel in Saturday’s ‘Composition of Chaos’

Image If you’ve ever met Fabian Williams, you’ve noticed that he’s never fully still or quiet. He’s constantly talking, texting, tweeting, whistling or singing along to music that always seems to be playing whenever he’s around. He’s got a good voice, actually, so it’s kind of entertaining. Suddenly, without stopping he’ll give you his attention. He’s at once quick, but never abrupt in pausing to talk about his newest project.

“I understand what people who create movie franchises deal with,” he says. “You have to satisfy people that already know the first movie and then you have to explain the narrative to new fans.”

The Decatur, Ga., by way of Fayetteville, N.C., artist has set the stage for the third installment of one of Atlanta’s most interesting creative events, the art battle. Williams, who’s done paintings for corporations such as Verizon Wireless and entertainers including Big Boi, started the spirited exhibition as a way to get people who wouldn’t ordinarily go to a gallery opening, to explore fine art. Consider it putting the paint where it ain’t, so to speak.