Atlanta blogs today: Politics and angst April 26 2007

The NAACP has gone after Robert Brown for failing to work on a slavery apology ... Personally, I tend to agree with Brown. We did, after all, have a war you might have heard of to end slavery. Clearly most of the South fought on the wrong side, but at some point you really do have to move forward.

Peach Pundit blogger Erick Erickson has a link to an interesting AP story about a backlash against Senate Minority Leader Brown, an astute and pragmatic Democratic politician — and African-American — for not taking on the cause of wringing an apology for slavery from GOP leaders.

There are some truly vile people traipsing around the internet (often hiding behind "anonymous" or other unidentifiable handles), and I am left in awe of some of the horrendous shit that they say. But it just goes to show, once again, that you can’t control other people. Especially when those other people are very clearly fucked. UP.

— Clearly, someone has written something upsetting to Amber of Being Amber Rhea. While she divulges no names or specific misconduct, she seems to be venting about the kind of bad behavior with which all bloggers must deal from time to time. Feel free to commiserate — or ask her for the juicy details.

Atlanta Stonewall Dems, the Young Dems, Fulton County Dems, and Georgia Equality are having a debate watching party. I'm either watching it on the back deck or am headed down to the Mullet Toss at the Floribama and will have to catch it on TiVo.

— Jenna on Red Clay Democrats notes that there will be a gathering at Amsterdam Bar tonight to watch the Democratic debates on TV. Here's guessing the crowd will be vocal.