Atlanta blogs today April 02 2007

What Atlantans are saying on their blogs and what bloggers are saying about Atlanta.

"And who could forget his charming turn opposite Jim Belushi in Curly Sue?"

-ATLMalcontent speculating on why social conservatives might be fond of former Republican ex-Sen. actor Fred Thompson.

"Hugo Chavez has apparently been following the Sunday sales issue here in Georgia and has decided to take a page out of Sonny and Sadie's book"

-JasonPye.com, noticing that Venezuela's Hugo Chavez has decreed that alcohol cannot be sold in his country during the Holy Week.

"A man named Doug Brown has sent a letter to the city attorney advising that he plans to sue the city for $500,000 because Donna Pittman and Ed Lowe and “others” made him feel unsafe in his home in the Tilly Mill neighborhood."

-Chris Avers on Dora-Blog, writing about a man who allegedly plans to sue Doraville for violating his 14th Amendment rights.

"A question for you: if Fast Eddie wants the sheeple to give sacrificially (and I suppose that means to give more than I can easily afford), then as the sheeple herder, is he going to give sacrificially as well? Let’s see, if he can afford to buy a 1.2 million dollar house, and drive a $100,000 car, then sacrificial for him must be in the hundreds of thousands. What do you think are the odds that he is going to give anything at all, much less tens of thousands of dollars?"

-Melvin Jones of Pulpit Pimps, criticizing New Birth Missionary Baptist Church's Bishop Eddie Long for requesting a "sacrificial offering" to pay off the church's debts.