Atlanta blogs today: Cut and dry June 12 2007

Why was a D.A. giving evidence to a state legislator who would almost certainly participate in debate on amending a law which would affect one of said D.A.'s high profile convictions?

-GriftDrift wonders if a county district attorney violated ethics codes by sharing evidence in the Genarlow Wilson case with a state senator.


As we travel around Georgia and continue to hear from our constituents, the message from a majority of Georgians is that they have no trust that the United States Government will enforce the laws contained in this new legislation and secure the border first.

-Buzz Brockway at Peach Pundit, quoting a letter to the president by U.S. Sens. Saxby Chambliss and Johnny Isakson of Georgia about the proposed immigration bill stalled in the Senate.

The only reason it's news that Georgia's senators are publicly disagreeing with the president is because from 2001-2006, the Republicans in Congress said yes to every stupid thing the president asked for.


Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman from Chabad Intown has his own blog. How cool is that? But if I find out he's on MySpace cruising for chicks too, then he has some explaining to do.

-I Saw It On Ponce on the upside and potential downside of a Ponce De Leon Avenue-based rabbi blogger.