Atlanta blogs today: Deerhunter robbed July 30 2007

We got a friendly homecoming suprise sic last night in Atlanta when Lockett and I got robbed at gunpoint after our show at Lenny's last night.

-Bradford Cox, of Atlanta rock band Deerhunter, was robbed outside Lenny's early Sunday along with bandmate Lockett Pundt.

What is the message here? If you live in a poor or immigrant community and are a victim of a crime, you'd better not call the police, or you will probably spend the day down at the jail while they run a background check on you, regardless of whether you are here legally or not.

-DecaturGuy at Atlanta Public Affairs on local police policies that may discourage Latinos from reporting crimes. (Note, I think the arrest DecaturGuy mentions was in Carrollton, not Cobb County.)

Pimp implies in the Ozone interview that R&B singer Ne-Yo is gay, claims that Atlanta is not in the south because “Atlanta is on East Coast time” and accuses certain unnamed rappers (fans are guessing Young Jeezy) of turning his back on powerhouse label BMF after drug charges.

-The HipHop Cosign on Houston rapper Pimp C's in-print dissing of Atlanta

That settles it. If Pimp C doesn't like it here, I'm moving.