Atlanta blogs today: Devotion to the Virgin? August 16 2007

IS it Holy Bishops? People Praying? Good Catholic Education? Devotion to the Virgin? All the above?I think this can be duplicated.

-James H. at Opinionated Catholic on a report that Catholicism is booming in Atlanta while it declines elsewhere in the nation


I have no idea what happened in there, but I can only imagine a few circumstances. A) There was a fight between the driver and at least one passenger. B-) The driver had a seizure. C) It was intentional. All of these are pretty bizarre circumstances in my book.

-Olaf at Gradin.com witnessed a car accident.


The AJC said there would be free hot dogs. I got there about 12:30, and there was no indication of free food or how to get free food. So I listened to the latter half of the speech, and then had to pay for my own naked dog.

-Loren, commenting about Mitt Romney's visit to the Varsity on Peach Pundit