Word: Human ego and apostasy

Gov. Sonny Perdue’s Nov. 13 “Prayer Service for Rain” at the Capitol provoked nationwide criticism and mockery from sources both predictable and surprising.

I guess praying is better than having actual ideas about conservation and sustainable living...

— Kos at DailyKos

Soak me, Jesus: Georgia's new water management program: prayer.

— Headline of Slate.com’s story about the prayer event

It is simply human ego and superstition to imagine that assembled wishful thinking can affect the natural laws of the universe.

— Annie Laurie Gaynor of Madison, Wisconsin’s Freedom From Religion Foundation, in a letter to Gov. Perdue.

Governor leads prayer for rain. Handling snakes for full employment on Sunday.

— A headline on the blog Dvorak Uncensored, which appears above a black and white photo of snake handlers.

I guess they just need something to wash all those pickup trucks.

— Political humor blog Banana Slug, Dammit mocks Perdue with a fake news story titled “Governor of Georgia: God F*cking Hates Us"

Will Sonny Perdue’s church home, First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Georgia, take any action regarding his calling and presiding over a religious apostasy meeting?

— Blogger healtheland at blog Jesus Christology is upset at Perdue for presiding over an interfaith prayer to a “higher power” instead of a Christian prayer to “the One True God in the Name of Jesus Christ.”