Atlanta blogs today: Please Hammer, don't hurt 'em November 19 2007

So a catchy, although lame, operation name plus a call ahead to the AJC, isn’t a media response to the “embarrassment” (to quote one DeKalb commissioner) revolving around rolling back serving hours in the county? Sure it isn’t. And M.C. Hammer isn’t a washed up has-been.

— Decatur Metro calls bullshit on the media spin accompanying Operation Hammer Time, a series of police raids on DeKalb County nightspots.


If you view immigrants as "invaders" or bad for America, or you just resent others of different cultures, you need to search your soul and your patriotism.

— Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Josh Lanier answers questions at Tondee's Tavern.


Atlanta Fans Regret That The Blackout Was Lifted

— Scott at Bucstats gloats about Tampa's 31-7 pummeling of the Falcons. The blackout comment is a reference to the NFL not allowing games that aren't sold-out to be broadcast in the home team's city. The game was very nearly blacked-out.