After CL Senior Writer Mara Shalhoup reported Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory was to plead guilty to federal charges resulting from his co-leadership of the Black Mafia Family cocaine ring, comments began to pour in to Fresh Loaf.

“What happened to ‘DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR’ so now Big Meech is now ‘LIL MEECH’…”

— 'Muhammed'

“Fuck coward ass niggas like Muhammed. I bet you wouldn’t say that shit to Meech’s face.”

— 'Ziploc Moe'

“u cant be mad at meech unless he snitch.”

— 'abdul-aziz'

“. . . for u ignant coccsuccas, pleading guilty DOES NOT mean u working with dem faggitz. . .”

— 'Crystle Boeckman'

“How did I know this thread would be full of illiterate morons spouting about the ‘code’.

“Meech is a criminal who made millions from the misery of others and led an organization responsible for murder of innocent people.”

— 'Dale'

“I’d rather live in a neighborhood with a bunch of Meechs then most people- who lack character and integrity.”

— 'Sayword'