Atlanta blogs today: Politicians on ice January 02 2008

Dale, come down. I know you want high name identification so you can beat Snuggles. But when people talk “high name id,” they don’t mean 300 feet in the air. They mean the number of voters who know who you are.

— Erick at Peach Pundit jabs at former TV reporter and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Dale Cardwell. Cardwell is drumming up publicity for his campaign by perching atop downtown's 300-feet-tall Corey Tower. Voters interested in learning more about the three stages of human hypothermia can watch Cardwell on his live webcam.


Now, yes, I know her kids have been involved in some nasty stuff, but it’s time for the Mayor to stop skiing and get back to being a leader for Atlanta. She can overcome any negative publicity her family may bring her by being the kind of Mayor she was in her first term!

— Bloglanta would like Mayor Shirley Franklin to pay a bit more attention to the city in 2008.


The difficulty of being a micro in Georgia is actually one of the reasons why we feel compelled to do it.

— Monday Night Brewery amens a recent AJC story about the challenges of brewing in Georgia.