Atlanta blogs today: Beltline, Richardson and pending war with Tennessee February 11 2008

Nevermind the fact that he used his political-might to circumvent the state required 30-day waiting period… Another example of him manipulating the system for personal gain.

— Commenter Shrike071 on news that Speaker Glenn Richardson seems to have used personal pull to initiate and complete a divorce in a single day. State law requires a 30-day waiting period for uncontested divorces.

His divorce records are sealed for now, so it's not yet clear whether Richardson's divorce has anything to do with allegations last year that he'd been laying pipe* with an attractive lobbyist for the gas industry.


We’re already at war with Alabama and Florida over water, so why not also Tennessee?

— The McGehee Zone on a nascent effort in the state Senate to "correct" Georgia's border with Tennessee, thus giving Georgia access to the Tennessee River. Them swimmin' holes don't fill up by themselves, y'all.


Motherfucker. We apologize for the language, but there is no better way to reflect our feelings upon learning that TAD money cannot be used for the Beltline.

— Raleigh Urbain at Inside the Sprawl on a Supreme Court ruling that nixes the Beltline's funding mechanism.

City officials will hold a press conference at 1 p.m. 2 p.m. at City Hall to discuss the court's ruling. It's not clear yet if Mayor Franklin will be there. According to her office, she just got back from India and had planned to take the day off.