Atlanta Blogs Today: Bad design, cowardly donkeys, noble causes February 19 2008

Yet the Buckhead library is a likely casualty of the ongoing movement to transform Buckhead into Alpharetta. Seems you can't have enough mixed-use developments.

ATLMalcontent has an excellent piece about Atlanta's stagnant architecture scene posted at his wicked den of diatribes. He, like several others, bemoans the possible loss of the Buckhead Library.

I just don't get it. We've got the Republican leadership wanting to raise taxes on 174 services, increase the sales tax and essentially nickel and dime us to death. Imagine being a small service business owner and having to deal with collecting taxes now. What a mess. I see NO focused opposition to this from the DPG, caucus or the county parties.

— sndeak at Tondee's Tavern wonders why the Democratic Party of Georgia and local parties haven't shown a little outrage and backbone over the outlandish tax hikes businesses and customers across the state would see with the More-Subpar-Than-GREAT tax plan, the mutated dungeon baby of House Speaker Glenn Richardson.

Even if you are not an avid biker looking to further personalize your dangerously cool lavender fixed-speed vintage bike, this will probably be a neat place to pick up tiny original works of art for your desk or elsewhere!

— Christa at Pecanne Log spreads the word about a call for art from Octane, a great coffee shop and office-away-from-the-office for one editor of a local alt-weekly. The java joint will auction off "spoke cards" April 12 to raise money for a bicycle-maintenance shop on a coffee farm in Rwanda.