Atlanta blogs today July 11 2008

— Matt Towery at Insider Advantage reports that Gov. Sonny "Go Fish" Perdue is one of the top four on John McCain's list of potential running mates. That means two Georgians are top vice-presidential candidates – Perdue for McCain and Sam Nunn for Barack Obama. Towery says Perdue's rise is because of McCain's shaky hold on the South, and the fact that Georgia appears up for grabs. The latest Insider Advantage poll shows McCain with 44 percent and Obama with 43 percent.

— Meanwhile Jim Galloway at the AJC's Political Insider reports that another Insider Advantage poll shows that Jim Martin has leapt into the front in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate. Martin leads with 31 percent, Vernon Jones is second with 20 percent and Dale Cardwell is third with 11 percent. Still, 33 percent of those polled remain undecided.

— But that doesn't stop Flackattack over at Tondee's Tavern from making his own predictions in the race. He thinks Jones will come in first, with Cardwell squeezing into the runoff.

— Over at Peach Pundit, there's another shining example of why Clayton County's government is more entertaining than the Keystone Cops ... if you don't live there. In this episode, District Attorney Jewell Scott can't indict a juvenile suspect in a murder case because she was unaware of a state law that mandates juvenile murder cases must be taken before a grand jury within 180 days of their arrest.

— There appears to be a spate of restaurants up for sale in Decatur, including the Chocolate Bar. However, according to inDecatur, most of them are being offered anonymously.