Atlanta blogs today July 23 2008

— The National Enquirer claims it caught John Edwards meeting his alleged mistress down at the Hotel California. Since Edwards seems seemed to have momentum as a running mate for Barack Obama, ATLMalcontent theorizes this could help Sam Nunn's chances to become the VP candidate. He also produces our fave line of the day: "I’ll say this for Sam Nunn — he’s unlikely to be spotted trolling the hallways of a Beverly Hills hotel at two in the morning."

— There's a revolt brewing against Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson, and Jason Pye talks about why Mr. Surly just needs to go.

— Over at Black Gay Blogger, Karsh seeks your advice. How did a great first date lead to a blow-off text message a day later?

— Kacie has seen The Dark Knight (along with, it seems, everyone else in America with the exception of your's truly) and wonders on Dirty Rotten Feminist why there are so few female super heroes? And I agree with her: Halle Berry in Catwoman hardly counts.

— Eddie Cochran sang about the summertime blues, and how there ain't no cure. At Going Through The Motions, Sara is in a funk. She's bored, worried about being laid off and has zero romantic possibilities. Send her some blogger love, folks.

— Over at Reporter-Cub, he's going all "postal" on the "unnecessary" use of quotation marks. Give him some love, too; he's also going through the summertime blues. Sara, meet RC; RC, meet Sara. Go cheer each other up.