Atlanta blogs today August 12 2008

Peach Pundit points out that the 2008 incoming freshman class at UGA will be the most diverse in the university's history. More than 20 percent of new UGA students have classified themselves as non-white. Does that make the Bulldog Barbie a dying breed?

— Though our own Thomas Wheatley has done a tireless job keeping up with Decatur's contentious 315 W. Ponce development (he saw last night's meeting through to its 1:45 a.m. conclusion, making the rest of us look bad), Terminal Station also makes some good points — and vents a fair share of frustration with the development's opponents.

— The AJC's Political Insider reports that incumbent Republican Congressman Saxby Chambliss is vulnerable to Democratic challenger Jim Martin — according to a poll by Martin's camp, that is.

— Speaking of political projections, Congressional Quarterly's CQ Politics will release its forecast tomorrow on how it expects Georgia to vote in the presidential election. Georgia Unfiltered provides the heads up.

Blog For Democracy's Catherine says her emotional well overfloweth with Olympic pride. She asks readers to  share their most patriotic moments and recalls a few of her own, including "being in the presence of Congressman John Lewis" and "Jay Bookman's NPR commentary on the care and handling of the American flag." Catherine wants to know: "What brings American tears to your eyes?" For me, it's this.