Word: Caraying on

Longtime Atlanta Braves announcer Skip Caray, who died this week at 68, once described himself as the “wise-ass cynic” of the Caray broadcasting dynasty. Eschewing his famous father’s effusiveness, he won over Braves fans with his dry, pithy humor and unabashed honesty. He was often at his best when the Braves were at their worst.

“The bases are loaded again and I wish I was, too.”

— Caray, during a disastrous outing by the Braves’ bullpen in 2007

“It’s another partial sellout.”

— A line Caray used often in the late ’80s when games were drawing just a few thousand fans

“Have you looked at the standings lately?”

— Caray’s response to then-owner Ted Turner after Turner asked him to stop being so negative in the booth during a losing season in the ’80s

“Good point. Say whatever you want.”

— Turner’s answer__