Atlanta blogs today October 22 2008

– The race between "that one" and Johnny Mac isn't the only thing on the November ballot. Even beyond the race between the "Sax Machine" and "Big Ears," there's some more obscure, but equally important, questions to decide. DriftGrift gives the lowdown on Constitutional amendment No. 1, which preserves forests and who doesn't want to preserve forests? But wait 'til you read the fine print.

— Sure, "that one" is ahead in the polls. But optimists thought Gore and Kerry were going to win, too. Can the Republicans steal another election? You betcha. Reporter-Cub ponders the possibilities.

— In Catch 22, there was the Major Major, who looked like Henry Fonda and never did much of anything. But at the Daly Report, there's the one and only Sergeant Major. Daly's days in Iraq are coming to an end. And he looks back at his favorite officer.

DownRight, cries out, "Where have you gone Newt Gingrich? A lonely nation turns its eyes to you." They also give J-Mac a reluctant endorsement.

— The lovely Sara at Going Through The Motions reveals that she is a Red Sox fan. She likes Greek food. She thinks she jinxes FSU whenever she shows up at a game (go to as many games as possible, Sara). But in her "this & that" post, she also has this sobering reminder: the state of Georgia will kill Troy Davis, who is likely an innocent man, next week. And whatever happened to American justice?

— And, finally, Left On Lanier has discoverd a candy that is the world's most ... well ... you know ... I suppose it all depends on your point of view. Is it tasty? Or tasteless? Either way, it's definitely perverted.