Atlanta Blogs Today: Bill Murray, slowing growth, reporters with candy March 02 2009

Christa at Pecanne Log says I say someone else says Bill Murray is loose in Atlanta. One night he's at Loca Luna buying drinks for strangers. Another night he's watching the Hawks play the Cleveland Cavaliers. Supposedly, he's filming this flick. I'm still waiting for him to get a pedicure with me.

Buzz Brockway at Peach Pundit says the site's bloggers won't retaliate against state lawmakers who voted for Senate Bill 31, a controversial piece of legislation they adamantly opposed. The complex bill would allow Georgia Power to recover financing costs in advance for two proposed nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle. They got into a tiff with the Georgia Public Policy Foundation, a free-market think tank, over the issue. No hard feelings, the bloggers say, but they'd still like a clear explanation of the foundation's stance on the issue. (Just one more: Jason Shepard at the site finds Georgia's facebook page shows an unexpected "friend."

Decatur's wi-fi cloud is "complete," Decatur Metro reports.

Jim Galloway at the AJC's Political Insider sneaks a peek at preliminary numbers which show Georgia's rush of newcomers — aka the growth industry, the state's bread and butter — might be slowing. He writes a powerful post about the subject.

Doug at Live Apartment Fire points us to Tom Jones, WSB-TV's "love machine," who will work for nobody but you. The reporter, who's a really funny fellow, covered the search for a man who's allegedly been flashing children in the Grant Park area. The suspect's pulled a page from afterschool specials and is offering candy to the tykes.