Last week's top posts April 06 2009

Dispatches on the mayoral race, a misguided Legislature, a frisky bishop — and ourselves.

1. CL CEO keeps company (Creative Loafing Inc.'s biggest creditor fails in its efforts to take over the six-newspaper chain, and CL's bankruptcy saga continues.)

2. Earl Paulk, DeKalb’s frisky “bishop,” to be laid to rest (The charismatic leader of a 12,000-congregant mega-church was repeatedly accused of sexual misconduct, all but obliterating his legacy.)

3. Mayor’s race begins in earnest at witching hour Friday (Upon the official end of the '09 legislative session, campaign season for local pols kicked into high gear.)

4. Georgia’s Confederate History Month, the idea that will not die (Misguided lawmakers push for a 30-day holiday that much of rural Georgia already celebrates 365 days a year.)

5. It’s official: Borders is off and running (After dropping out of the mayoral race to care for her ailing parents, City Council Prez Lisa Borders is back in.)